Darwinism Debunked through Christian-Muslim Alliance



In the aftermath of a bloody attack against Christians that killed dozens in Egypt, we are assured once again that Muslims and Christians should be united against this wrongdoing that targets the innocent in all parts of our world. The evil behind this atrocity asks for more bloodshed and further plots against believers, regardless of their being women, children or the elderly. Such brutality is a display of the materialist philosophy that assigns no value to human life and finds conflict and enmity to be the goal of existence. Covering under various pretenses, the assailants actively plan to sow the seeds of even more widespread conflict amongst believers.

Collaboration for Love

Yet the efforts carried out in the way of collaboration with intellect, love and compassion between people of good conscience will be the true way of eradicating the grassroots of such hatred and ignorance. Islam provides the lawful grounds for Muslims, Christians and Jews to unite in the common word of faith in God. Religion is the essence of loving and brotherly relations between all people, so the real attainment is through the removal of the materialist ignorance with ideas and intellectual efforts.

That is why the 2nd International Conference on The Origin of Life and The Universe, held recently in Istanbul, accomplished much more than expected as Christian and Muslim speakers stood firm in their determination for allying in their service to God, cordiality and benevolent friendship with reason and science.

Collaboration for Creationism

Presenting their years of research in a well-prepared setting of fossil exhibits, books and posters in the conference hall, scientists provided precise evidence for God’s Creation, creationism, and the fallacies of Darwinism in their address to a highly educated audience. As an answer to the question, “What are the origins of life?” the Technics & Science Research Foundation prepared the stage for scientists to freely express their proofs in fields of biochemistry, informatics, genetics, molecular biology, immunology, psychiatry, sociology and neurology.

Dr. Fazale Rana from Reasons to Believe, the prominent Christian organization in California, affirmed his faith in the Creator with his words, “I was convinced that chemical and physical processes alone could not generate life itself. This realization coupled with the elegant design and biochemical systems forced me to that conclusion– for intellectual reasons alone– that a Creator must indeed exist and must have been responsible for bringing life into being.”

And from the same institution, Dr. Anjeanette Roberts, who, with her dedication to science and faith, quoted from the Bible the phrases that pronounce God’s signs in His creation wherever we turn our eyes, “The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display His craftsmanship. Day after day they continue to speak; night after night they make Him known. They speak without a sound or word; their voice is never heard. Their message has gone throughout the earth, and their words to all the world.” (Psalms 19:1-4)

Dr. Alberto Cossano also accentuated the irreducible complexity in living organisms resembling the “biological processes operating in the cells inside our body” to software applications and computer programs, all parts of which must be intact in order to be fully functional.

Sociologist Dr. Fabrizio Fratus made an effective stance against the materialist ideology, emphasizing the responsibility to establish “a system with very different values ​​if based on the sense of community and solidarity, as ordained by God.” He criticized Darwin’s theory, saying, “For the materialists, nature is an ongoing war for survival, a battle against their fellow and against other species that every living thing must continually fight.”

The Violence of Evolution

The theory of evolution, unlike creationism, denies the existence of the soul and regards man to be merely a functional apparatus made up of matter and deems the world to be an arena to fight for survival. As Prof. Paolo Cioni put it in his words, “[The] Mind is consequently interpreted by mainstream materialists as nothing more than a byproduct of brain activity.” Claiming man to be a product of matter alone leaves no place for values such as friendship, forgiveness, self-giving or compassion to thrive.

As a matter of fact, the ignorance and philosophy of brutality, war, hatred and conflict that lie in the foundation of Darwinist theory is the reason behind the bloody attack of last week, in the past weeks and in fact, all we encounter. Once humanity realizes that God created us for a specific purpose in this world, to live by the good morals of peace, harmony and love with all human beings, the ongoing troubles will come to an end.

In fact, Mr. Jeff Gardner, who made the closing speech of the conference, elaborated this truth with the following words: “We must proclaim that it is our common, divine nature, that unites us. A divine humanity that has been bequeathed to us all by divine right through the very act of His, our God’s, Creation.”

Hate-mongers and those who seek to incite bloodshed and violence will find no recruits when the egoism and cruelty of the materialist ideology is eradicated in the minds of people.

Adnan Oktar



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